Chibueze Anakor

I'm Back!

Posted February 2, 2019
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I know it’s over a month late, but I hope you all are having a Happy New Year and are making progress on your New Year’s resolutions! Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, one of mine is to make a more serious commitment to my professional development, and a huge part of that consists of keeping this website and my GitHub repositories up-to-date.

Before I get into the changes you will see on this website and my GitHub profile, I’ll start with the major changes that I’ve made since my last post, in no particular order.

  • I’ve updated the year in the footer to 2019 (the current year as of the date of this post), as you can see below.
  • I’ve updated the version of Jekyll (the Ruby framework that this site runs on) to v3.8.5.
  • I’ve added the Jammming and E2NWeb repositories to my GitHub profile. Both repositories will get their own posts on this website in the coming months.
  • I’ve added the Experience tab to this website to show my resume, which uses Creddle to format the resume to match the theme of this website.

Here are the changes that I plan to make to this website and my GitHub profile in no particular order:

  • As mentioned before, the Jammming and E2NWeb repositories will get their own posts within the coming months.
  • I will be updating my resume on Creddle, so that it updates here as well.
  • As I complete more projects, I will add posts about them to this website.
  • I will make more blog posts about things in tech that I find interesting.

…and so much more!

I will admit that I have neither updated this website nor have I been checking my LinkedIn as much as I should, but I am serious about my commitment to my professional development and plan to make the changes necessary to add professional development to my schedule, which should become easier after I graduate from The George Washington University this May. I wish you all a wonderful 2019 and I look forward to making this website a much better one for you to visit!