Chibueze Anakor



My name is Chibueze Anakor, but I'm known to many people as Chris. I am a Software Engineer at Capital One who has held a keen interest in technology ever since childhood. This early curiosity led me to explore the ins and outs of how to operate many different devices, such as video game consoles, televisions, and PDAs. In high school, I decided that I wanted to create software, and began working toward being able to do so by learning Java. In college, I wanted to continue developing software, so I continued my studies with Java, in addition to learning Python, SQL, JavaScript, and Ruby while attending Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC), where I also participated in the Year Up professional development program. Through Year Up, I was selected for an internship at Capital One, where I converted to a full-time employee. Later on, I got my associate’s degree in Information Technology from NVCC. Then, I attended The George Washington University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Information Science and Technology.

My hobbies include playing video games, watching animated movies and TV shows, and hosting The Cels & Circuits Podcast, a podcast about animation, technology, and the intersection of those two subjects.